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Quality Custom Shutter’s goal is to produce the finest high quality interior wooden plantation shutters specific to the customer’s requirements.


Our shutters are not made overseas, but right here in the Metroplex. Because plantation shutters are an investment in your home, we work closely with our clients through the entire process. Having a local production plant gives us the flexibility to know where the order is at all times. Your shutters are installed by the people that make them.


Our shutters are made from basswood. It is a superior wood because it’s among the straightest of hardwoods. Its fine texture and grain provide an excellent sanding surface for the smooth surface you need for the beautiful look, either painted or stained. Although basswood is a very lightweight wood, it’s incredibly strong. Windows come in all shapes and sizes and we build accordingly.


Our shutters come in 2 ½, 3 ½, 4 ½ and 5 ½ louvers. We make them in ½ Circle, Eyebrow, ID Eyebrow, Square Window, Rake Top, and for Doors. 


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